Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My New Favorite Pic

This week at work there is some kind of mysterious "beach" theme, so a photographer was stationed in the lobby taking pictures of people in a "beach scene" with beach balls, towels, and plastic leis, against a backdrop of fake sand.  Being the picture-taking freak that I am, I asked my coworker Julia to join me in a free session with said photographer.

As we approached the fake sand, a patron asked for help with his account.  I said, "Hey, if you take a picture with us, we'll solve your problem."  He agreed. 

Like I said--mysterious.  Why the beach theme at work, why the photographer, why the bucket of fake leis?  Not sure.  Have I ever mentioned that the judge who married me and my ex-husband was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a kukui-and-hibiscus lei on our wedding day?  Well, I'll have to tell you that one sometime.  Anyway, thank goodness for my employer's lack of any real dress code, because otherwise no one would have ever captured my sparkling pewter Jesus sandals in digital format.  Whew.