Sunday, June 27, 2010


This picture was taken at the beginning of a very strange, wild, and hilarious 24-hour-time period that Jen and I experienced between Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, which involved vacuum cleaner shopping, bar-hopping with a 50-something real estate lawyer, storm chasing in the flooding rains with two Kwik Trip employees, being pulled over by two meth tweakers driving an electrician's van asking for directions to the local strip club, picking up trash along a lakefront on two hours of sleep, breakfasting with a pilot who had recently returned from dropping dispersants on the Gulf oil spill, shopping for orthodontic wax while wearing a skirt around my neck, and fishing a jar of kerosene out of a Dumpster using a broom handle wrapped in wads of duct tape.

These are the days. 

Now, back to my research!