Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fwd: RE: IRB

As you may know from previous posts, the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Participants (IRB) at my school lost my application back in early May.  Meanwhile, my McNair peers had their applications reviewed, revised, and approved that same month, and were able to start their projects right away.  I resubmitted my application in the middle of June and was told I would hear back from them in early July. 

So it got to be the end of July and I gave up on this IRB.  I then changed the nature and purpose of my project so that it would not even need IRB approval at all and got to work.

So here we are, the beginning of August, less than two weeks before the project deadline, and an IRB "representative" sends me an email saying they finally got around to looking at my second application and want me to make some revisions to it before they give me permission to START my project.

Start it?  I'm nearly finished!

You know, I'm not sure who's on this committee, but really.  Did they not see the amount of time that has elapsed since I first contacted them?  I was briefly tempted to send an angry little reply, but being the classy dame that I am, I wrote:

Professor So-and-So,

I appreciate your notification about revisions, but it comes nearly an entire season too late. I originally submitted my application the first week of May, but because my application was "lost" and the resubmission delayed, I have since dropped this particular project. Please convey to the IRB that I withdraw my application.

The Nostril Queen