Sunday, October 3, 2010


Dearest Darlings,

Lots of news for you...

First, I finally handed in my McNair paper this past Friday.  That means that I will get paid, my project advisor will get paid, and that my life is my own again.  I started working on this thing in January, so it's been 9 months of worry and stress, and I didn't realize how much that stress was bleeding over into all the other areas of my life and just putting a damper on everything I did (mostly because I hated my research topic), so I truly feel like I've been let out of prison.  I'm happy again!  The only thing left to do is make some minor revisions so that I can present it at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in April (in Ithaca, New York) and the Celebration of Scholarship in May (at my school).

Second, a few days ago I found out that my Truman paper was accepted for publication in my school's academic journal.  I honestly don't know how stiff the competition really was, and I didn't think I'd really care if it was published or not because I don't plan to study American politics in the future, but it turns out I'm pleased.  I worked really hard on that paper--it consumed a lot of my time and really stressed me out for months on end this past spring and summer. 

Third, I have been invited to be one of the student speakers at my school's Provost's Summit on Teaching and Learning on October 27.  For some reason, one of my old professors thought I would be a good student speaker, though I can think of several other students in the department who are more accomplished than I am.  Maybe those students have other plans and couldn't make it.

Fourth, my health insurance has been reinstated, so that's very happy news.

Fifth, I get my braces tightened tomorrow, so expect some teeth pics in a few days.

Sixth, I attended Steve's performance in the Fox Valley Symphony last night, and decided that the double bass and the bass drum are some really cool instruments.  I found this guy, Adam Ben Ezra, on YouTube and he is so amazing I just had to share his awesomeness with you:

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Enjoy your day!