Friday, November 5, 2010

That's it?

Last night I looked in the mirror and thought about aging, about what I'll look like when I'm old, what it must be like to watch one's skin slowly start to sag off the bones, and eyes start to sink back into their sockets, eyebrows begin to thin, and cheeks begin to hollow out. 

My entire life I've hated the way I look.  I got teased a LOT as a kid and young adult for being ugly, but I just knew that one day I'd be beautiful.  I'd finally grow into my nose, I'd find a magical cream to give me a perfect complexion, my hair would brighten up, and I'd somehow stop being so bony and googly-eyed and weird-looking.  And this gave me a lot of hope, especially through my struggles with finding a decent guy to date.

Last night, it occurred to me that I'm 28.  And that this is the best I'll ever look!  I will not be getting any prettier, only uglier as I age.


This must be what it's like to find out Santa isn't real.  I feel so cheated.  It's the disappointment of my LIFE!