Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have to say, Wisconsin is probably the least friendly environment for barefoot running.  Except for maybe outer space.

Just when the skies and streets were clearing up, we got another blizzard.

The Shamrock Shuffle 5K is in two days.  And I still have no calluses, because it's so muddy, slushy, icy, salty, and soggy in these parts.  Consistent true barefoot is just not possible, at least not for me.  Wet cement is far too cold and my feet cannot tolerate it at all. 

Instead, today I finally cut up my ballet flats and used their thin rubber soles and some sale-priced nylon cord from Hobby Lobby to make Tarahumara-style huaraches:

And then I went out and ran exactly 5 miles in them.  They were light as a feather, and so much more comfortable than the ballet flats whole.  My feet were not cold until I stopped running, although I did get much dirtier, but probably only because it's March and more muddy outside now. 

And that guy in the video above was lying...I could totally feel that knot between my toes, even though I put effort into making it as flat as possible.  But I have seen these sandals with the knot tied back up onto the upside of the sole, so perhaps I will do that.

Despite the toe-knot issue, these are still the most comfortable and budget-conscious minimalist shoe I have tried, and I highly recommend these huaraches.  I'll definitely be wearing them on Saturday!