Friday, April 8, 2011

Contest and New Features

Hey Boxelders,

Today I found out that my creative nonfiction piece, "A Place Like Oregon: A Memoir" won First Place for Nonfiction in my school's 2011 Reeve Union Board Art, Film, and Writing Contest.  It also won for Overall Winner, meaning it had the highest score of all the entries in every category.  My prize?  $125 worth of Reeve gift cards.  This means that I can go down to the school convenience store and buy all the beef jerky I want over the next 5 weeks before I graduate.  (And no, the gift cards can't be cashed in--that was the first thing I asked.) 

Anyway, this fine piece of contemporary American literature can be found in my new blog feature, "Selected Writings," in the side bar to your right.  Check it out!

Also, Blogger kinda sucks and is full of bugs and glitches, so I'm considering moving this blog to Wordpress this summer and getting rid of my Asylum Point Post website.  I dunno yet.  It would be a lot of work...installing a redirect, setting up a new domain.  Stay tuned...