Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shaky, blurry videos taken by storm chasers as tornadoes lumber across farm fields and highways are a dime a dozen.  What I had always really wanted to know was this:

2:13-3:30 takes my breath away.

I have heard people praising the "greatness" of their god, thanking him for sparing "so many" lives and working "miracles" that night in Joplin.  But they seem to ignore that he took the lives of 139 people, including those of tiny children, and allowed the whole thing to happen in the first place.

When yucky things happen, people like to say it's "god's plan" or "god's mysterious ways."  When nice things happen, people say it's a "miracle" or "evidence of god's greatness."  How convenient to label your own subjective opinions as divine intention.