Saturday, June 4, 2011

How about a Wisconsin sunrise in June?

'Sup, kids?

You might remember this post, in which I elaborated on my love for sunrises and said I would take pictures of the same place in the summer for comparison.  (Click on any image to enlarge.)

Those silly buoys.

Here at 44 degrees north latitude, the sun rises in the southeast in the winter and to the north/northeast in the summer.  The footpath in the two pictures below faces due east:  

The following picture captures the eerie, bright, clear gray diffusion of pre-dawn, a lighting situation which I find pleasantly disorienting:

05:12 CDST

The garden of earthly delights indeed.

It occurred to me today that life is shitty.  The human experience is like wading through a massive stinking shit-hole of hot garbage.  But life does throw us a few little cumbs of beauty and joy and happiness every now and then, and we have to just grab those little moments and be thankful for them and celebrate them.  We have to take whatever little bits of loveliness we can get.  

I'm going to miss this lake when I move to the desert in a few months.  But maybe canyonscapes will seduce me just as equally.  And maybe my camera will withstand just a few more sessions of being pointed directly at the sun.

Facing due west.  And yes, all roads do lead to Dairy Queen.