About This Site (Formerly Known As Shimmering Chimps)

From 2010-2017, this blog was titled Shimmering Chimps because, well, humans are smooth, naked, shiny cousins of Pan troglodytes and pretty much all aspects of human behavior make perfect sense when viewed from this lens. Human behavior isn't confusing at all once you realize we're just a member of the great ape family--fighting, nesting, hunting, hoarding resources, attempting to mate, and being run by disorganized and kluge-like prefrontal cortices. Am I the only one who finds that hysterically funny?

I posted relatively often between 2010-2014.

2014-2017 was a fallow period of no posts at all. 

In 2017 I revived this site, gave it a custom domain, and changed the title to reference this omg-I'm-crying-this-is-so-hilarious book. I hate ads and loathe social media, I don't write sponsored content, I don't offer prizes, giveaways, coupon codes, product reviews, affiliate links, guest posts, yoga pants, chalkboard paint, mason jars, "lifestyle guides" to identity via conspicuous consumption, nor any sunrise memes about "following your heart." I don't promote myself as a "brand," I don't post regularly, and my writing appears to be extremely divisive--some have called me talented and others have asked me to never write another word ever again.

I'm not trying to achieve anything here. Not trying to make money off this blog, amass a horde of readers, or win any awards. This blog exists partially to set the record straight on certain life events and opinions, and partially to share my home improvement photos, travel stories, and ill-advised life decisions. That way when I die and my family and friends get confused about something I said or did, they can come here and look it up in the "Search This Blog" feature in the sidebar. How convenient! See, I do care.